What to Prepare For

What to Prepare For You will attend nine upbeat and interactive sessions featuring thought leaders from around the city to empower you and to transform perceptions about personal transportation. Each three-hour session will be held on a weekday evening or Saturday morning in downtown Denver. In addition to short readings and self-directed assignments, participants will

Thankful for Project Shift: Central Denver

  Back in June, the newest Project Shift cohort met for the first time and formed teams representing neighborhoods all over Central Denver. They began brainstorming about how they could promote car-lite lifestyles within their communities and then planned projects that would help achieve that goal. Four months later, it was time to start putting

Where The Sidewalk Ends

  Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shelley McMullen Where does the sidewalk end? On many of Denver’s streets. Nearly every morning near downtown, a man in an electric wheelchair takes his grandson to school. The boy sits in his grandfather’s lap as they ride in the street just feet from by rapid passing vehicles. This

A European In The States

  A European in the States by Frances Rasker When my husband told me last December that he had gotten the post-doc position he really wanted in Colorado, we decided to take the leap and leave our home (and bikes) in Amsterdam to take on the adventure in the United States. During our first week

Adventures in Car-lite from a Car Guy

  Adventures in Car-lite from a Car Guy by Matt Baker I love cars. I once stayed up into the wee hours of the morning to watch the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Regardless of which dictator Berni was schmoozing, I haven’t missed a Grand Prix in 5 years. I

One Week, Five Commutes

  A 4-Mile Commute Done 5 Different Ways by Julia Bernstein My daily commute to work can fluctuate between enjoyable, stressful, and energizing, depending on what mode of transport I use. To put my multi-modal skills to the test, I used a different commute method every day for a week. Here’s how my 4ish-mile commute

Project Shift In Action

  We are halfway through our neighborhood project events! We had a lot of fun getting creative at the South Broadway and Highlands projects and are looking forward to what the Sunnyside and Five Points teams have planned. We hope to see you at the Sunnyside sidewalk painting project on October 22 and the Five

Time To Get To Work

  We are taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming to bring you this important message: Project Shifters are getting out into their communities this October – and they need your help! The Project Shift leadership program is not only about learning how to become advocates for multimodal transportation but also about putting that

How I Became a Bicyclist

  How I Became a Bicyclist by Stephani Meyers When planning a move from Chicago two years ago, one of the top factors in choosing a new city was public transportation. Denver’s light rail seemed decent enough on paper and it looked like they were expanding. On my first day in Denver, I walked 12