A Tale of Two Cities

  A Tale of Two Cities By Eliot Tipton Denver and Seattle are two very similar cities. Both of them are progressive-leaning, carry a high standard of living, and are known for beautiful scenery and numerous outdoor recreational activities. Both of them are also facing a rapid surge in population growth, and are working on

A Week Without My Car

  A Week Without My Car By Willy Schumann As many Denverites know, commuting in and around the metro area can be a major stressor. You have to worry about traffic, finding parking, paying for parking, avoiding crashes, and, if you are like me, you constantly worry about your personal safety. A couple months ago,

Broke and Bad at Math

  Broke and Bad at Math: Getting Around Town on the Cheap by Meghann Perez-Darby At the end of the month, I often find myself wringing the last few cents from my worn out paycheck. Rent, utilities, student loans, credit card payments, groceries, gas…you get the picture. I listen to the Freakonomics podcast enough to

The Artful Walk

  Public Art: Everyone is Encouraged to Participate by Allison Trembly My favorite activity is walking my dog Grace around our neighborhood. We walk regularly in the mornings and evenings, and sometimes we walk during the day. We’ll walk as far as twenty blocks or just a few blocks but it’s rare that we take

Finding the Time

  I Just Don’t Have Time by Alana Romans Growing up, my family was a large proponent of the belief that everyone has a set of priorities, and these priorities tend to dictate how we live our lives.  For example, if I complained that I didn’t have enough money to go out to eat, my

Love the Sidewalk

  How I learned to stop worrying and love the sidewalk by Sam Sunshine-DeWitt I’d dabbled in the car-lite lifestyle before. Here and there and every Bike-to-Work Day, I’d exchange four wheels for two and make my way through Denver’s network of trails or surface street bike lanes and sharrows from home to work and

A Walk Through Northeast Park Hill

  Editor’s Note: After a short break, the Project Shift blog is back! We’ve been pretty busy wrapping up Project Shift: West Denver and launching Project Shift: Central Denver at the same time. So it’s time now to start introducing our new cohort, all of whom bring unique perspectives and talents to the program. Kicking

That’s a wrap on Project Shift: West Denver!

  Last Tuesday, our West Denver participants attended their last Project Shift session – and it was their turn to lead it. They had the chance to reflect on what they’ve learned throughout the program, present their neighborhood projects, and celebrate their accomplishments with friends, food, and beer. The session started off with a roundtable

Adventures in Car-Lite Activism

A Walk to the Park by Steve & Keesha Luebke When we moved to Athmar Park, we thought it would be a lovely area to live in because of Huston Lake Park. We’ve come to realize that this is only partly true. While there are plenty of good things about our neighborhood, there are some

Adventures in Car-Lite Opportunities

Multimodal Love by Nicole Bush I declare this summer to be The Summer of Spontaneity– unveiling new freedoms, new adventures, and redefining boundaries. That sounds fantastic, right? But where do I start? How can I plan for spontaneity? An oxymoron, I know, but you have to start somewhere. When I joined Project Shift, I knew