Adventures in Car-Free Living

The Car(e)-Free Lifestyle: How going carless in Denver opens up life’s spontaneity by Rey Sosa Coming from Michigan, the auto is the way of life. Going to work? You drive. Going out? You drive. Want to go for a walk? Better drive out to the park, arboretum, woods, or beach first. Want to do anything

Adventures in Car-lite Travels, Part I

Walkability: Tourist vs Resident Perspectives By Karlie Kahl It was a chilly morning in Brussels when I stepped off the plane, staggering under my overstuffed backpack and relying on what I’ve always called “my mother’s best hand-me-down; her sense of direction” to guide me 2 miles on foot to my home for the next few

Adventures in Car-Lite Encounters

Oh, the places you’ll go and the people you’ll meet By Maureen McCanna Don’t wait (like me) for a job without parking or a stolen car to start exploring active and public transportation. I promise you’re missing out and here’s why… Yes, by living car-lite I get exercise, avoid traffic, save money, and minimize my

Adventures in Car-lite Parenting

Baby On Board With the Car-Lite Lifestyle by Brian Schroder Editor’s Note: Some readers might be thinking that bikes and buses would be fine for now but what happens when you have kids? Our next Project Shifter is here to help you out with tips and tricks to getting around with your bundle of joy when you

Adventures in Car-Lite Hauling

By Sean Brady Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series of posts written by our Project Shift: West Denver participants. During the month of March, we were able to coordinate a number of multimodal partners to offer deals and promotions for various transportation services that support a car-lite lifestyle. March Multimodal Madness as

Welcome to the Project Shift Blog!

Welcome to the Project Shift Blog This is where we’ll be sharing stories from Project Shift: West Denver participants about what a car-lite lifestyle means to them and why having safe, multimodal options are important for Denver. What is a car-lite lifestyle? Glad you asked. It means having the ability to lead a full life