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We are taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming to bring you this important message: Project Shifters are getting out into their communities this October – and they need your help!

The Project Shift leadership program is not only about learning how to become advocates for multimodal transportation but also about putting that knowledge into practice. In addition to attending nine interactive sessions with experienced transportation and community leaders, Central Denver participants are expected to team up and design a tactical urbanism-style project for their neighborhood.

Planning for their projects began from session one back in June and it is finally time for implementation! Consider this your chance to experience Project Shift and help demonstrate the difference a small group of dedicated individuals working together can have on their community. Listed below are the project teams that are currently looking for volunteers. Stay tuned to this blog and the Project Shift Facebook page for more upcoming Project Shift volunteer opportunities!


Project Shift: Highlands

Date & Time: Saturday, October 14, 12:30pm-3:00pm
Location: Meet at the corner of W 37th Ave & Navajo Street

What’s the deal?

The Navajo corridor is in transition: small businesses are being turned over, development is happening, and new people are moving into the area. The corridor is not always the most welcoming to multimodal travelers so the Highlands team wants to make it a friendlier and more pleasant place to walk and bike.

What are you doing?

Since Navajo is known as an arts district, the team is planning a small streetscape project. They are fixing one existing bench in front of a new business, giving it a fresh coat of paint, and adding planters. They have purchased an additional bench, which will be installed between two other businesses. They have also passed along info to business owners on how they can apply for bike racks.

I’d love to help! How can I get in touch with you?

The team is looking for 2 to 3 volunteers to help fix, paint, and install the benches. Please contact Allison Trembly at allisontrembly@gmail.com or 720.273.3529


Project Shift: Sunnyside

Date & Time: Sunday, October 22, 9:30am-3:30pm
Location: Meet at Chaffee Park at 44th Ave & Tejon Street

What’s the deal?

The 41st and Fox RTD station is located a few blocks away from destinations of interest in Sunnyside for residents and commuters, but it is unclear when you are at the station where these amenities are located. This station will be opening soon, allowing commuters to easily access the many businesses in the Sunnyside neighborhood.

What are you doing?

The Sunnyside Connection team will be raising awareness of the many dining, shopping and entertainment opportunities within easy cycling and walking distance of the 41st and Fox Street Light Rail Station by:

  • Installing large maps with various restaurants, stores, bars, and bike lanes clearly marked on them in the neighborhood.
  • Creating a brochure version of the map and distributing it to businesses within the Sunnyside neighborhood.
  • Painting a walking path and icons on the sidewalk directing pedestrians and cyclists toward identified destinations.
I’d love to help! How can I get in touch?

Visit the Facebook event page or the sign-up page to help paint stencils on the sidewalks! Contact the Sunnyside Connection team with any questions at SunnysideConnection.CO@gmail.com.


Project Shift: Five Points

Date & Time: Saturday, October 28, 9:00am-3:00pm
Location: 26th Ave intersections at Emerson and Clarkson

What’s the deal?

This Five Points team is working to increase safety for people crossing 26th Avenue between Downing and Welton streets. Currently, children in the neighborhood south of 26th Avenue have to cross heavy traffic at intersections with low visibility to get to the recreation center or the brand new playground at Lenore B. Quick Park. The corridor is a destination with a health care center, restaurant, bar, bakeries, brewery, yoga studio and a preschool, but the crossings are uncontrolled and unmarked to cars, dividing the Five Points Neighborhood.

What are you doing?

The team’s goal is to create a sense of place along 26th Avenue between Welton and Downing Streets by increasing pedestrian safety and preventing parking too close to the curb ramps, which do not allow pedestrians to cross safely. They will demonstrate a potential safety improvement to the community by blocking parking spaces with traffic cones to simulate curb extensions at Clarkson and Emerson streets. Curb extensions both increase visibility of pedestrians to cars and provide better vision for pedestrians crossing 26th Avenue. Help them show the community that you support safer crossings in the neighborhood by visiting the demo and providing input!

I’d love to help! How can I get in touch?

The team needs help with the following:

  • Volunteers to help get the word out
  • Traffic cones – lots of them! (will be returned after event)
  • Day-of input on the demonstration!

Email stephanimeyers@gmail.com for more information.

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