Become a leader in Project Shift, a unique and engaging program bringing people together through a shared interest in increasing car-lite lifestyles in their own communities. What’s a car-lite lifestyle? Glad you asked. It means having the freedom and the ability to lead a full life in your community without depending on a car.

You can be a car-lite champion and advocate for options that increase the freedom of choice for Denverites. How? By demonstrating just how easy it is to get around without getting behind the wheel.

West Denver Map

projectshift_shiftgraphicWest Denver

Project Shift West Denver is currently working on community projects in the neighborhoods of West Colfax, Villa Park, Sun Valley, Barnum West, Barnum, and Valverde.


How You’ll Create a Shift

During this seven-month program, you and your cohort will:
  1. Become champions for active transportation options through actions and storytelling.
  2. Work with peers and mentors to adapt personal travel behaviors to reduce car trips.
  3. Develop grassroots leadership skills by working together to create and implement a project in your neighborhood.
  4. Establish actionable relationships with other leaders in your community and in the city.
  5. Create a positive community for like-minded activism and stewardship.

What to Prepare For

You will attend 10 upbeat and interactive sessions featuring thought leaders from around the city to empower you and to transform perceptions about personal transportation. Each three-hour session will be held on Tuesday evening or Saturday morning. In addition to short readings and self-directed assignments, participants will work together between sessions on activities including a community project. You should plan on a commitment of 10 hours a month. Your toolkit will include a copy of Walkable City by Jeff Speck, a Fitbit, and RTD transit passes.
Applications for our next cohort will be accepted soon. Please check back for updated information and deadlines. For additional information, please email or call (626) 329-8204.

Project Shift is a program of WalkDenver, a nonprofit advocacy organization dedicated to making Denver the most walkable city in the country. Project Shift is offered for FREE to eligible participants thanks to grants from the Colorado Health Foundation and the Denver Regional Council of Governments.

Sample Class Schedule/Syllabus